TIPS FOR THE SEASON to help keep your pet healthy, happy and safe.

HOORAY! Spring is finally here. Getting your pets ready for warmer weather is a great way to keep them safe and comfortable. Pets can get allergies too!

The Easter lily, azalea, amaryllis, and other plants are toxic and even potentially lethal to cats. Lily-of-the-valley can also be cardiotoxic to both dogs and cats

Make sure you are giving your pet a monthly flea and tick preventative. It is very important to read product labels carefully on all flea and tick medications as the misuse of such products can lead to acute toxicity in them. It is important never to use a dog product on your cat, or vice versa.

Fertilizers and pesticides can be very harmful and even deadly to pets, so be sure to keep these products away from pets. Try to keep dogs from ingesting a lot of grass. If there is a chance that chemicals were applied to or have blown onto the grass, keep pets away from it.

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